2023 TeleJunctions

Affordable Conference Call

Free Bridge, brought to you by TeleJunctions, is by far the most affordable conference call solution on the market, offering a feature rich solution for business or personal use. Comparative market analysis will reveal that affordable conference call solutions come in all shapes and sizes, but most are not absolutely free of all conferencing fees like Free Bridge, where each participant pays their way into the conference bridge, and the organizer is simply left with the task of organizing, which they can do on their own, or utilizing the 'Organize your Conference' web page on the TeleJunctions web site.

An affordable conference call should not only be a low cost solution, but it should also be a pleasing experience to the organizing and the user. FreeBridge is an affordable conference call solution with simple, low tech instructions for dialing in, and utilizing the services. There are several affordable conference call features offered by FreeBridge including the ability to mute and unmute as well as many others.

If an affordable conference call is of utmost concern, do check out our Get Started Now page. Give us a shot. After four years of providing affordable conference call solutions, TeleJunctions' FreeBridge platform will not disappoint.