2024 TeleJunctions

FreeBridge offers conference call services that are easy to use, from anywhere at any time. Participants of FreeBridge conference call services merely have to call a FreeBridge access number and enter the same 7-digit PIN to be "bridged" into a call together. As a host of FreeBridge conference call services, you choose the time of the call, and you choose a unique 7-digit PIN for the call. As long as everyone on the call enters the same PIN as you do, they will be "bridged" into your conference call. To ensure security using FreeBridge conference call services, it is recommended that the host of the call use his/her 7-digit phone number as the conference call PIN.

With FreeBridge, affordable conference calling is quick and easy. Simply choose the conference call 7-digit PIN and distribute it to the call participants along with the FreeBridge access number and the time and date of the conference call. At the scheduled time of the conference call, each participant should:

  • Call the FreeBridge access number
  • Follow the prompts to join or establish a conference call
  • Enter the 7-digit PIN followed by pound (#)
  • Announce yourself

Affordable conference calling is now even easier when you organize your Free Bridge call at TeleJunctions.com. Once you have signed up for our conference call services, simply visit our SCHEDULE A CALL page, enter your Free Bridge access number, a unique 7-digit PIN, time and date of the call, subject, and the email addresses of the participants. We will email the participants on your behalf, complete with instructions on how to join your call! We will even send them a reminder email two hours before the scheduled call.

It's that simple! All you need now is your own FreeBridge access number!

To get your FreeBridge access number, please proceed to the GETTING STARTED page.

To learn more about FreeBridge, please browse through the PRODUCT INFORMATION page, or find answers to frequently asked questions at the FreeBridge FAQ page.