2023 TeleJunctions

Affordable Conference Calling

Thank you for your interest in an affordable conference calling solution. TeleJunctions has been offering affordable conference calling with its flagship service, Free Bridge, since the beginning of 2001. Boasting users and user groups that range from non-profit to Fortune 500 companies, TeleJunctions has become the go to site for easy and affordable conference calling.

While teleconferencing has become the ubiquitous substitute for air travel as a means of facilitating meetings, not all providers offer a truly affordable conference calling solution, and in era of cost cutting, every department's budget is affected. FreeBridge offers a feature rich and simple method to bring people together from across the globe. Wherever you can find a telephone with long distance, FreeBridge can be your affordable conference calling platform by simply going to the TeleJunctions website (www.TeleJunctions.com) and signing up for your very own access number.

As the organizer, you have the power and flexibility to choose your own PIN, and schedule the conference at your convenience. TeleJunctions offers the organizer the option of utilizing its website as a notification tool. Just click on Schedule a Call for more information.

The standard mode of operation in a reservationless environment is to give all participants the ability to speak during the conference. FreeBridge, however, also shows that affordable conference calling does not have to be featureless. The organizer can also choose to utilize an organizer access code, allowing them to conduct the conference with all the participants muted for the duration of the conference. Is this passive mode, only participants with the organizer access code can speak duration the conference call. Affordable conference calling has never been easier.

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