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TeleJunctions is the premier leader in high quality, best rate teleconferencing, and has been marketing its flagship service, Free Bridge, to thousands of users since the beginning of 2001. The world is now a global economy and the need to keep in touch with friends and colleagues is only increasing. Free Bridge caters to anyone, anywhere in the world. It is a best rate teleconferencing service with a feature-rich offering. Whether you are a sales manager seeking to keep in touch with your sales force, or an entrepreneur watching your start-up costs, TeleJunctions has the teleconferencing solution for you and Free Bridge is the best rate teleconferencing service on the market today…with perks.

Teleconferencing, put simply, is a telephone conversation with more than two people. They can be in the same office or in distant locations, tied together with a telecommunications device called a conference bridge. There are many types of conferencing bridges in the market place, some better than others. Most people are familiar with three-way calling, for example, but Free Bridge is much more robust, and can bridge together up to 120 participants at once. We have worked hard to make Free Bridge not only a best rate teleconferencing service, but also a simple service for users all over the world.

One person is generally responsible for organizing the teleconference with a service provider. The teleconferencing consumer is generally subject to the normal sales cycle for subscribing to any service where rates apply, invoices are generated, and customers pay for usage. You speak with a sales person who discusses call volumes and usage trends, and tries to convince you that they have the best rate teleconferencing service "for what you get"-and then you finally compromise on a price or a plan. Customers must then endure the credit application process if they choose to be billed later, or they must immediately prepay with a credit card.

FreeBridge dramatically shifts this paradigm. It is significantly different-eliminating the hassles and providing an access number free of charge, and never invoicing you or your participants. Each call participant merely pays their long distance provider for a call to our access number (in the United States). It's that simple.

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