2023 TeleJunctions

Conference Call Service

Welcome to the TeleJunctions website, featuring the FreeBridge conference call service. Since early 2001, FreeBridge has been the conference call service of choice for a multitude of users that range from personal reunion groups to non-profits to Fortune 500s. Multi-level marketing groups use it. Training groups dig it. Sales divisions love it. Any place with a phone line and long distance service is an ideal location to utilize the service, whether in your home, office, or on the road, or even on a plane, though this probably does encroach upon the budgetary restrictions which often motivate the use of the service.

When choosing a conference call service, most organizers have been given the mandate to reduce communications costs, and picking up an invoice from a conference call service provider is often the first place to start cutting costs when one measures the cost to benefit ratio of paying for the call. In an era where it's often more expensive to make a domestic call than an international call, TeleJunctions understands that its conference call service must exceed expectations. With more of a hub and spoke model similar to the airline industry, the organizer can focus on organizing the call, and less about how much it will cost.. Each participant merely pays their way into the call at the cost of a long distance call to a number in the United States. Rates vary based on the long distance provider utilized, but the conference call service is the same. TeleJunctions does not advocate a particular carrier, as rates are difficult to track; but long distance rates are often bundled into extravagant marketing packages with a fixed rate, making the FreeBridge conference call service that much more useful. It's that simple.