2023 TeleJunctions

Conference Call Services

Welcome!!! You've just landed on the TeleJunctions website, home of FreeBridge, a standout in the conference call services arena. If you weren't looking for conference call services, we welcome you to browse the site before you leave. We can almost assure you that it won't be a waste of time because conference call services have become ubiquitous in the world today, often offered in conjunction with other services. TeleJunctions is focused on providing conference call services at the lowest possible cost to its users, who include Fortune 500s to Mom and Pops. Big company CEOs like what the reduced SG&A does to their top line revenues and their ultimate bottom line. Non-profits are constantly competing for funding oftentimes from the same sources, so costs are of ultimate importance in maintaining their existence. TeleJunctions is proud to have facilitated millions of minutes of conference call services since its corporate inception at the turn of the century.

Unlike other providers of conference call services, TeleJunctions keeps a low overhead, utilizing electronic means of customer support (which is rarely needed) as well as focusing on organic growth as a means of perpetuating usage. In short, we spend our marketing dollars on providing the service, and let the users spread the word. It's been a pivotal part of being able to continue offering our conference call services.

How do we make money? It's not complicated. TeleJunctions receives a small percentage of overall usage for its marketing efforts, almost all of which is used to continue marketing the service. We don't have advertisers or email campaigns, but instead rely upon our users to spread the word. It was a thin strategy at first, but has taken off nicely, ultimately lending itself to users of all sorts.

Considering other conference call services has become a moot point for virtually all of our users, who realize that lower cost conference call services are simply not available. We invite you to search the site by clicking on any of the links on this page to easily navigate your way to signing up for the service. Happy Conferencing!