2024 TeleJunctions

Free Conference Call

Is it possible to host a free conference call? Absolutely. With Free Bridge, hosting a free conference call is not only a reality, but easy to set up. You can host anywhere from one free conference call per month to one million - since it is a free conference call you do not have any added costs when you host more calls.

There are many entities that can benefit from hosting a free conference call. Small and medium-sized businesses prefer a free conference call to paid toll-free conferencing as a way to keep the bottom line down. Non-profit, NGO, INGO, and governments like to host free conference calls as a mechanism for bridging communication without paying for new services. Various members of the legal community use a free conference call to conduct depositions or other legal proceedings when one party does not want to pay for the participation of the other. All of these applications for hosting a free conference call, and many, many more, are why TeleJunctions and the Free Bridge product is the right product for today's teleconferencing marketplace.

So what are you waiting for? Organize and host a free conference call today! www.telejunctions.com