2023 TeleJunctions

Low Cost Teleconference

Welcome to the TeleJunctions website, home of FreeBridge, the low cost teleconference solution utilized by thousands of users just like you. FreeBridge ultimately caters to any sort of user in search of a low cost teleconference. With FreeBridge, location is irrelevant as long as each participant has access to a telephone with long distance service. To bring our users a low cost teleconference solution, TeleJunctions keeps a low overhead and relies on organic marketing to generate usage. In other words, we give our users a completely hassle free experience and rely on them to spread the word to friends and colleagues. Each user realizes that we rely on the marginal revenue achieved from high call volumes to perpetuate our low cost teleconference. As a result, our users respond by passing the word along.

Finding a low cost teleconference was difficult until FreeBridge, but we at TeleJunctions have learned from the high cost competition. Consumers, however, tend to expect just as much quality from a low cost teleconference as they do from a high cost teleconference-- and FreeBridge doesn't disappoint! It has retained the important audio-conference features such as muting and unmuting and allowed for various combinations therein. An organizer can choose to mute all participants for a presentation to a large audience, or they can allow users to mute and unmute themselves for a Q&A session. For a low cost teleconference, the functionality is definitely there. For more information about FreeBridge, please feel free to browse the site using the navigation links on this page.