2023 TeleJunctions

Phone Conferencing

The notion of phone conferencing has been around for quite some time, but the price of phone conferencing has often excluded companies with lower communications budgets. TeleJunctions is phone conferencing provider that has changed the commercial dynamic of making a conference call. With its flagship offering, FreeBridge, TeleJunctions has empowered a myriad of users in the phone conferencing arena with the ability to organize and participant in an audio-conference with few hassles and lower costs than traditional phone conferencing providers.

With the ability to create a conference of up to 120 users, FreeBridge is the perfect solution for Fortune 500s and non-profits alike. The secret to FreeBridge is in demystifying the phone conferencing experience and allowing its users to grow the business organically. The service operates on a carrier-grade digital phone conferencing platform which is strategically collocated throughout the United States, but anyone in the world in search of phone conferencing can utilize the service. With thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of phone conferencing minutes under its belt, TeleJunctions is the perfect conferencing solution.

For more information about FreeBridge, please feel free to browse the site using the easy to follow navigation links above and/or below. Thank you very much for your interest in TeleJunctions and happy conferencing.