2023 TeleJunctions

Phone Conference Calling

Are you looking for a solution for phone conference calling? Do you have to get people together for a meeting, but cannot get them in the same place? Phone conference calling is the answer for you, but which phone conference calling company should you go with?


TeleJunctions is proud to offer Free Bridge, your free phone conference calling platform. With Free Bridge, phone conference calling is not only easy and convenient to use, but it is also free! That's right, unlike other phone conference calling companies that charge anywhere from 15 to 30 cents per minute for each caller on the line, Free Bridge is the phone conference calling alternative that is completely free to use! There are no phone conference calling invoices with Free Bridge, no gimmicks, and no advertising or unauthorized use of customer information.

The reason TeleJunctions is able to offer its customers free phone conference calling is that our access numbers are toll numbers, based in the southwest United States. Phone conference calling with toll-free numbers must be paid for by the organizer of the conference call. But phone conference calling with a regular toll number can be done for free using the Free Bridge platform!

Don't wait, begin your phone conference calling for free today with Free Bridge by TeleJunctions.com.