2023 TeleJunctions

Web Conferencing

Welcome to the TeleJunctions web site, home of Free Bridge, an audio conferencing service that can be used in conjunction with existing web conferencing services, for example, where it can actually be the audio-conferencing portion of any web conferencing meeting. Instead of paying for toll-free access to an audio-conference, participants can call into a local access number for Free Bridge. An organizers cost to host the call is dramatically reduced, making everyone's web conferencing experience much more fruitful.

There are many web conferencing providers in the market today. We are a neutral provider of audio conferencing which can be used directly with any web conferencing service where the web conferencing participants are required to dial into an audio conferencing bridge, which is usually a toll-free call to the user, but a large cost to the web conferencing organizer, as web conferencing has two components, the seats on the web site, and the audio conferencing portion.

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