2023 TeleJunctions

Web Conferencing Services

Greetings and welcome to the TeleJunctions web site, home of FreeBridge. FreeBridge is an audio-conference service used in conjunction with web conferencing services or as a stand alone product. In the web conferencing services arena, users can choose to whichever solution is most comfortable or convenient. Providers of web conferencing services range from application based programs on the desktop to sophisticated third-party providers that charge per virtual seat. Each of these web conferencing services, however, requires the use of an audio-conferencing platform to facilitate the audio portion of the call.

Most organizers of conference calls are familiar by now with the concept of virtual conferences utilizing the internet for these types of web conferencing services. They facilitate white-boarding, roll-call, Q&A sessions, on-line polling, and power point presentations among other applications and uses. With this in mind, remember FreeBridge the next time you are in search of web conferencing services and remind the service provider that you'll be using a separate audio-conferencing provider. You don't have to tell them who, why, or how, but just don't forget to make sure you aren't billed inappropriately by the provider.

And, of course, with FreeBridge, there is no charge to the organizer for the call. Each participant merely pays their way into the conference utilizing the long distance carrier of their choice. TeleJunctions is an impartial provider, and can service as the audio component of the web conference with any of the web conferencing services in the market. For more information, please feel free to browse the site using the navigation links on this page.

Happy conferencing!